Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Fire

We were on fire last week so things have been jumbled and out of kilter. No one was hurt and the firemen/trucks came right away but there has been some damage and we are regrouping. This was not the first time (maybe 1873?) the building has been on fire. Every time we remove later renovated sections, we've found scorched evidence. I'm happy to say though, this is the first fire where there is a sprinkler system and we had a very speedy Fire Department response. This photo, taken after the fire was out by Kurt, is shot from the second floor with a view of the Zeckendorf towers and the Con Ed building. It's nice and crisp (ho ho) since the windows are gone--one of those photos that needs an explanatory caption to belie it's peacefulness.

Of note, a couple of my canvases burned up in the fire. I'd like to think they were in sympathy with James Rosenquist's work after his recent studio fire. His loss is much greater than mine. And the loss of art is always a tragedy.

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