Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Andy is Dandy

Book Cover You all know my fascination with all things Andy... So what more could a girl want? Andy would be proud to be associated with this shameless Susan and Kurt version of the home, no make that factory, shopping club. Yep, you can click and buy any item in this blog except me.

Let's start with the Philosophy of Andy Warhol. I haven't read it but I like anything in a soup can. Is the philosophy canned? I couldn't say—try it for fifteen minutes and let me know.

Book Cover My current favorite Andy inspired product is the Bond no. 9 fragrance named "Andy Warhol's Silver Factory." I LOVE the way it smells. I could see Andy jumping on the scratch and sniff bandwagon, although certain sniffs might make all that art much more attractive.

In case you are faint from shopping and need to take a break, here's Andy and Brigid Berlin discussing how Andy was able to produce thousands of paintings.

Finally, I've included a really swell gift for a budding artists you know, Andy Warhol's Colors. At least they'll learn the colors and how to count—up to fifteen minutes.

Book Cover

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