Monday, December 14, 2009

Joe Mangrum — Art that Blows Away

Or at least I heard he sweeps it up to use again. He was at Union Square last week. I passed seeing the sparkling sand twinkling in the gloaming. The artist is Joe Mangrum who has created prints and book documenting the mandalas. It was fascinating to watch, mesmerizing like a Zen garden. He's received a lot of attention including the prestigious Lorenzo de Medici award in "New Media", for his striking piece, "Fragile." Catch him if you can, before it's swept or blown away.

"Portraits" Artist Joe Mangrum - a film by Repertorium Films Leandro Sanchez Director from joe Mangrum on Vimeo.

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Joe Mangrum said...

please update the link to the video

Unfortunately I posted it too soon and the director has advised me that the music was not licensed, sorry about this but thanks for sharing the work...