Saturday, February 27, 2010

The night I didn't meet James Gandolfini. A typical New York story.

Hot off the computer, my newest film, Nightcar. A helter skelter urban experience on a rainy night. Nightcar, with music by the remarkable Conrad Cummings, is a tone poem, perhaps even a love poem, to New York City.

It even has a typical New York story to go along with it... One of the nights when I was filming oncoming lights in the pouring rain, standing in a gutter on lower Broadway, a car drove up. The passenger in the car began waving his arms, I flicked my attention away, thinking, "not another one." He kept waving and waving, finally the car pulled away. I turned to Kurt (of Susan and Kurt blog fame) who was standing behind me. He was convulsed with laughter. Whats going on? I said. Didn't you see James Gandolfini? He was waving at you and laughing to beat the band? Well, No I didn't. But you know, in New York famous people trip over you all the time, so contained within Nightcar is the New York story of the night I didn't meet James Gandolfini.

Mr. Gandolfini. I dedicate this film to you.

Remember OPEN CALL for Videos on Broadway.

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