Monday, March 22, 2010

Ad Woman, Mad Woman

I've enjoyed watching Mad Men and have been curious about the potential for merchandising, fully expecting to see barware sets and fitted dresses with poufy skirts. What surprised me was when the New York Times covered the launch of the four Mad Men dolls for Mattel that come under the Barbie rubric. Surprising because in America dolls are very wholesome. Given Don Draper’s propensity for adultery, he and Betty may be firsts for the Barbie world as stand-ins for Barbie and Ken. The other two Mattel Madmen dolls represent Roger Sterling and his former mistress, Joan Holloway. They must be the first extra marital Barbies. The dolls come with period accessories like pearls and padded undergarments, but no cigarettes, martini glasses or cocktail shakers.

I have a major thing about Barbie not only because I grew up with her, but also because at Hyperspace Cowgirls we created a Game Boy game for Mattel, Barbie Fashion Pack, and because I love the work of artist, David Levinthal, who has two incredible Barbie books. They are, as are all his works, "political" and worth seeking out.

Lastly with my triple obsessions of Mad Men, Barbie and dress up, I discovered that one can Mad Men oneself. AMC's entertainment allows you to create your own persona within the Mad Men universe. Here I am the ground breaking first Jewish Creative Director at Sterling Cooper, meeting with Kurt and Donald Draper for drinks after work.

Remember OPEN CALL for Videos on Broadway.

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