Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Reminder - Please vote!

I'm very excited to be asking your support by voting online for a new project of mine, Videos on Broadway. We're finalists in the Pepsi Refresh Project, and we stand to get significant funding if we receive lots of daily votes by September 30.

The way it works is every day you get 10 votes to help 10 organizations. Just go to this url: or from your cell phone: Text 102152 to Pepsi (73774) (standard rates apply) or start off or post elsewhere with the Pepsiwidget below.

The first time you'll have to register, it takes two or three minutes. After that you can vote in seconds. Just keep on voting for us every day, and we'll be funded and you can use your other daily votes to help some other good causes.

We already have a starter grant from the Puffin Foundation, and we've run a prototype with great success (see details below). With Pepsi we can make Videos on Broadway a regular event.

If the project looks like something you'd really like to support, try to vote for it every day from here until the end of September. We really stand a good chance!

For more on the project itself, including video, go to:

We are incredibly excited about this opportunity, and we hope that, thanks to your voting and the grant from Pepsi, we can present videos from all over the world to the sidewalk-walking public from our storefront window at Union Square for many months to come.

And of course, for all you video artists out there...remember we have an OPEN CALL to participate in our projections.

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