Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh Brave New World

It's Columbus Day and I've been thinking about new worlds real and virtual. This holiday was designated by President Benjamin Harrison in 1892, four hundred years after Columbus' discovery of what we now call America.

Yet, here I sit in my new world of Cyberspace, trying to buy a bed through the seductively vivid universe of online shopping, landing in the country of IKEA, asking a simple question about whether Lade Bed Slats will fit in a Malm bed, and instead I get a verbal slap from the charming virtual Anna.

Is it my unfamiliarity with the New World's Cyber speech that offends? Is this not a polite topic in the new world? Netizens, I ask for help and understanding. Like Columbus, perhaps I can leave you a virus in return. Laurie Anderson did say, "language is a virus." Didn't she?

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