Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lazy on the Weekend

Daily blogging is harder than it looks. We've already missed a day...or two. I hope to make up for it with extra pix and some news from the conference.

The NYFA conference was, as usual, great. The morning talk by Jackie Battenfield was inspiring. Luckily, for those of you who missed it, she has a book coming soon on Da Capo press. According to her theory, I've just moved from the circle of exposed to connected by just typing this.

The hardest and very valuable part was talking about your own work for three minutes while the other seven members of your team gave you a write-up. I was glad that I was able to clearly convey the essence of my work but one person found me a bit preachy. Found out...I worship at the temple of Art.

The other artist participants always take you out of yourself. I particularly liked the work of Kathryne Hall--street art with tubes coming out of and around cars. I had a friendly seat mate too, Barbara Russell, a self-proclaimed digital doodle bug who on the spot sent me a snap of myself.

We had a friend drop by with some pie samples--Bunny's Bakery is the best! And on the same rainy day as the conference we had a major protest outside the studio. Evoked memories for us from 40 years ago. The difference we see now is that instead of FBI guys infiltrating or taking notes about the march, there were local police sharpshooters up on the roof. New York is certainly never dull.

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