Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Newbie Bloggers

Well, we thought it was time to start a blog, to follow our travels and maybe post a picture of the day. The "we" is Kurt Hoss and Susan Shaw. We make photographic artist's books and more. So I guess this will be an art and photography blog. We're planning a trip soon to Louisiana to photograph Cajun musicians, sugar cane harvest and birds along the gulf. It will be interesting to post along the way and see how that feels.

Today's photo is of some of the CDs we've been trying to archive. I think we've taken over half a million pictures in the past few years. Words of advice: Cds will deteriorate and remember that if you use a lot of different cameras that you may have duplicate numbering on different images.

I also hope this blog will be funny. I don't think either of us has gotten through the day without seeing something to laugh about.


Gautam said...

waiting for your next post...

stschantz said...

Hi Susan,

I see you are taking the same e-class I am, trying to figure out these blogs thingies.

I want to have a blog about art also, so I am interested in what you write about.