Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I just got back from Louisiana and a really great Crawfish Boil. Can you believe that 33 years ago when I first went south, I thought they were talking about a "Crawfish Ball" with prom dresses and all. Many are passionate about crawfish, there's even a club. At this recent boil, a teenager had crawfish colored nails. It made me think of the painter, Marilyn Minter.

Here's one of my favorite songs--Crawfish!

Well I went to the bayou just last night
There was no moon but the stars were bright
Put a big long hook on a big long pole
And I pulled mr. crawfish out of his hole

See I got him, see the size
Stripped and cleaned before your eyes
Sweet meat look, fresh and ready to cook

Now take mr. crawfish in your hand
Hes gonna look good in your frying pan
If you fry him crisp or you boil him right
Hell be sweeter than sugar when you take a bite

Sung by Elvis Presley, Buckwheat-Zydeco and Zach Richard among others.

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