Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Day!

Been working in the studio this week both painting and moving the last of the stuff into the space. It doesn't look so pretty anymore but it's my own.

I've been going to painting class too. Usually I get the assignments wrong but turn out good paintings anyway. This time I think I got the assignment right. It was to incorporate the organic with the mechanical. There was some talk of doomsday machines. I think it might be viral myself. I started by looking at microscope images of blood cells and settled on an acrylic pour. I added machine parts, a landscape viewer and a metalized persona creating a self-portait for the modern age.

Last news today...I am a finalist for the 2008 FEGS Haym Saloman Awards Competition. They describe their mission as recognizing the importance of arts in our work and to celebrate the unique talents of individuals. I looked up Haym Saloman. He was a Jewish immigrant from Poland in the 18th century. He was also a patriot in the Sons of Liberty and helped to finance the American revolution. I am honored to be a finalist this competition. Keep your fingers crossed, they give out five final awards with stipends attached...

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