Monday, July 20, 2009

Not ready for my close-up...

Saturday morning I think I was in a fugue state, how else can I explain it? I applied to be on a reality TV show for artists that Bravo and Magical Elves were casting. I stood in line from 6 a.m. for hours and hours. I made the first cut. I didn't meet Sarah Jessica Parker. I didn't get a spot. Even worse I had a co-conspirator, the wonderful sculptor, Jon Berge. We actually had a lot of fun schmoozing in line. I enjoyed meeting the other artists trying out and made some new friends. Especially a few who are blog worthy stay tuned.

Even if I didn't get chosen, I'm really glad they are doing a show about art and artists. It's really the only way that people will learn that artists are serious about their art and that art is a great investment for everyone on any level. How many other things do you buy that you enjoy now and might be a winning lottery ticket later.

I have a friend who worked for Interview magazine in the old days. When they were struggling and couldn't pay her, they gave her a painting, it's a Warhol—need I say more about the lottery ticket aspect?

The best thing about the experience was that Jon Berge came to New York. He's the artist I talk with the most, Skyping him often. He's a supporter, critic, investigator, strategist and more. I value his friendship as one of the diamonds in my life box. And there you have it— I didn't win, but optimist I, rich in artistic friends, am already winning.

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