Friday, September 26, 2014

Bella Roma — Love letters in paper.

Going back to my beloved Rome next week. Looking for more inspiration for my work. I need to revisit the sources for a body of works in paper that I created two, three years ago. You can see there is quite a variety in the techniques: marbling, painting, working with charcoal, using copper pulp, doing dye transfers and more.  I was pushing paper in a lot of different ways as I learned more and more. Dieu Donné helped me with all of this. No concept was too weird for them to help me figure out a way to do it.  They didn''t even kill me the first time my dyes and charcoal migrated through the pellons to  add surprise color to many sheets of paper. They just gave me the most stained and worn out pellons, used metal sheets between the layers and washed those disgusting pellons in detergent so I could use them again. 

I will also get to visit again with Roberto Mannino, an italian paper maker. He does drawings on the paper he makes. Going over and over the lines until the graphite looks like silver, And he does very interesting installations. Last time I got to visit his studio which was great because I love his work.

Of course working will not stop me from eating pasta and artichokes and strolling by the Tiber. What a pity. Lacrime di coccodrillo.

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