Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tom Sachs: Nugget Playing Cards

Tom Sachs is known for recreating iconic artifacts in actual size out of the unexpected. Among his pieces have been the Apollo Lunar Module constructed out of plywood,  a Chanel chain saw, a blue whale made of foamcore and a cardboard Glock. Most of them are expensive. This truly unique deck of cards is a catalogue of all of them with descriptions for each, and is just about the only way you can own every piece he's made unless you are insanely rich (call us if you're insanely rich). They are limited to a run of 666. Who do you give it to? Poor aesthetes, high-minded gamblers, devil worshipers...

 O.K. I bought a deck. It was so cool. I was trying to figure out a way to display it. It seemed too stuffy to mount each card with with hinges on a piece of archival board. So then I thought about plastic baseball card sleeves, so you could keep from getting your greasy mitts all over them. But then...I discovered wall hanging, opening and closing, display cases for special baseball cards. Wow! They came in oak or black but that didn't seem in the spirit of Tom Sachs. So I called the company up and asked them if they would send me an unstained, unpainted one.  I'm a painter. Why not paint it myself? What color? Safety Orange, of course. When it came, the interior was made of plywood, oh joy, oh rapture. So I put on my Official Tom Sachs Fan Club Hat, covered the plywood interior and sprayed away. It's going to be swell. A place to keep my cards, display my cards, take out my cards, put all my cards on the table and play with them too.

How much is a deck? 20 bucks, plus shipping. Where to get it. Tom Sachs web store.  It's swell!



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