Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Drive-By Photograph

Kurt thinks that I am either crazy or the queen of drive by shooting. I take photos all the time whatever I am doing (about 100 a day). The worst is when I’m driving. I don’t look through the viewfinder, of course, but I shove my hand out the window or I shout at Kurt to stick his hand out with my camera, and shoot blind. I find I love many of the pictures taken this way.

The Corvair seems to typify many of these shots.

Jaunty and hot red, the tilted horizon seems like a lifestyle choice harking back to the swinging ‘60s. Once in a while you get a perfect shot like this winter landscape at Ashokan resevoir. I love this picture for its serenity and cool abstraction belying the conditions under which it was taken..

When I did a search for other photographers who shot out of a moving car some of the hits led me to Jon Rein and Kai-Uwe Gundlach both talented professional photographers. Based on the number of results in the search, I guess it’s a common practice — all in a day’s art.

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Joyce Washor said...

Found your blog through your post on the NYAC this morning. It's great! I read it until the last moment that i had to leave for an exercise class. We used to have a house in Woodstock and Kingston so I'm very familiar with the area. This photo is superb. Love the colors. The man who started the Woodstock School of Art, Bob Angeloch told us stories of drawing while in his car touring Ireland.
More later, gotta go.