Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Four Seasons

Some of you know I'm included in an art exhibit, "The Four Seasons" at the Hudson Guild Gallery in NYC. As an artist I still grapple with the issues of trying to make conversation with the steady stream people at the opening. While trying, I found myself in the uncomfortable position of desperation. I heard myself tell someone who enquired as to how I kept my paints dry while painting swimming pools that I didn't add much Vermouth.

Oh was a fun opening. I've included pix of some of the artists and viewers. A highlight for me was when John Goodrich came, He was my first painting teacher and is a painter and critic himself.

The remarkable part about the exhibition is that Jim Furlong, the curator, found many of the artists included in the show at such sites online as Artists Space Irving SandlerArtist File. Artists get your work out there, someone is looking!

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