Sunday, March 2, 2008

Red Hook #1

New Yorkers have long memories. Grocery shopping at the new Red Hook Fairway market brought back a few. It was such a cold clear day that we walked around a bit discovering a great view of the harbor and some Van Brunt avenue trolleys. "Trolley Dodger" was a derogatory name applied to citizens of Brooklyn by New Yorkers prior to Brooklyn's inclusion as a borough. Its how the Brooklyn Dodgers got their moniker. In the days of transition from horse and buggy to trolley, one person a week was killed by a trolley but by the time the Dodgers left town the trolleys were all gone.

The irony is that Red Hook section of Brooklyn and some of the other outlying areas occupied by artists (among others) are hampered by the lack of street transportation. Many feel that bringing back the trolley is the answer: Maybe they can get Dem Bums back too.

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