Monday, March 3, 2008

Red Hook #2

One thing we never tire of is walking the neighborhoods in our beloved city. There is always something to see and each neighborhood has its own distinct flavor. I remember the year I did the Marathon how much I loved going from neighborhood to neighborhood. From the insulting "Hey, you can't even catch grandma" to the "Yo Mama, fashion statement" to "I gotta get a burger to go with that shake". There were people in every borough who held out water and orange slices, cheering each and every one of us even 6 hours into the race.

Every walk has its special prizes. On this walk, Kurt discovered Dikeman street, named for his family. For me it was the crossing wires with contrails. For the fearless few, you can water taxi across the harbor, be rewarded on the Red Hook side with clear cold sweeping views and hot chocolate at Fairway.

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