Monday, March 10, 2008

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

I went down to the new Holocaust museum because I wanted to see/experience the Andy Goldsworthy sculpture. He is one of my favorite artists because he has permanently changed the way I look at nature forever. Whew, sounds silly but I almost always think of him when I am organizing an image of a natural space.

I couldn't get close to the sculpture because all the doors were locked so I started photographing through the windows.

The light was winter harsh but I kept walking around looking for different views. Espying some scrimlike shades to shoot through I watched AG morph into Jennifer Bartlett.

The piece of Jennifer Bartlett's that flew into my mind was called Graceland Mansions and I saw it in the UBS office where I was teaching. It was another seminal work for me. I loved how the subject slowly transformed as the descriptive bits changed scale and scope.

Their work informed my own choices of the day. Here they are:

Some additional links to Andy's work including a clip from "Rivers and Tides" his wonderful DVD.
An online catalog of Andy's work and
Andy on Youtube

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