Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Drawathon

Lately I've been challenging myself to draw more. So I've been looking for venues through meet-up and other places and have ended up in bars, galleries and dog runs. One of the more interesting is Michael Alan Art's Drawathon. It's theater art with puppets, costumes and nude models all channeling the spirit of the Living Theater. I've been to two so far, one before Christmas channeling the Grinch and one last night having to do with...uh, cannibalism. I must say I love the challenge of constantly moving performers, pads precariously balanced on a knee and the people who love to draw and pose. My latest improvement (since I'm the klutz always dropping my charcoal) is a front pocket apron, kinda like an art geek tool belt, with pockets for sticks, kneaded erasers, stumps/tortillions and rags.

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