Saturday, January 31, 2009

Son of VSC

This month I was slated to do another residency at the Vermont Studio Center. For various reasons I had to bow out. I was very sad about it, and tried to define some of the things that made VSC special for me so I could see what I could put in place this month while on home ground. The number one special emerged as freely talking art all the time, anytime, like a studio drop-in with beer. Some of my art colleagues live in places like Montana, Ohio, Louisiana, Egypt, etc. so I decided to set up a virtual VSC. Skype and a $29 Macally web cam, and presto — art Show and Tell 24/7. Critical discussions, taunting of my work, materials and procedures demonstrated — I haven't enjoyed anything so much in ages. P.S. This image is of skyping with sculptor Jon Berge, VSC alumni and best bud.

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