Sunday, January 25, 2009

Town and Tidings

Lets see...continuing on the news front

According to the New York Times, "Art...both reflects and facilitates change. For more than a century the Educational Alliance on East Broadway has democratically provided instruction, studio space and exhibitions to artists. Important careers have emerged from it. " (Lets hope one of them is mine.) I still take classes at the Alliance which I love. It's a great place and I feel connected to the history of New York here. Mark Rothko was a student here and Louise Nevelson taught here. I found it through my son, who studied cartooning here as part of the Young Artists Program. This painting of mine, Green Vase, was done using the studio window. You can see some of the ever present LES new construction in the distance.

There are two new Drawathons coming up: Saturday Jan 31st "Making Faces" and Saturday Feb 21st "Gershwin Hotel" The one at the Gershwin ought to be double fun. It's the "art" hotel on 27th street, you know, the one with the lighted sculptural protuberances, right down the street from the Museum of Sex...

I'm included in a recent book, Light and Lens by Robert Hirsh. It's in the section discussing Figure Ground relationships — no surprises there. The image is from the group of photographs I call "Parallel Tracks."

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