Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Continuing Ed.

At Work Sample Dos and Don’ts, offered by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, a very informative session answered questions like; Who reviews work samples? How are they reviewed? How important is formatting? Where should we place our cue points for video? What about Context? Look and feel for public art proposals and more. We saw a lot of different artists submissions as well. 9.9 on the excellence scale, all the evening needed was the addition of a real Manhattan for a 10!

On another note, as long as we're downtown, Alyson Pou has been making installation and performance work weaving together the social and the personal. She has a new piece "A Slight Headache" opening March 20 through April 19 at the South Street Seaport Museum in the Melville Gallery. She's an interesting person, so check it out.

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