Monday, March 30, 2009

Verily Verité

Writing about Cindy Sherman seems redundant but a terrific film I saw this weekend has prompted this post. A look into two artist's processes, an incisive and funny slant on the art world, and a fairy tale of love, Guest of Cindy Sherman is a terrific ride. Artist and TV personality Paul Hasegawa-Overacker (known as Paul H-O) has warmth and charm, and I felt for him remembering that my own ex once introduced himself as Mr. Susan Shaw. After the film, he took questions from the audience—I've posted a few clips (including a hard luck for artists clip) here as well as a clip on Cindy Sherman from Ovation TV. There's also nice article about the film on ArtInfo by Jillian Steinhauer, and to flesh the column out, some of the amazing chameleon images from Cindy's work at Metro Pictures.

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