Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Parody, the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Elvis Presley Painting with Cheetos Cheese Puffs on Velvet

Eclectic Asylum uses common objects in an "artistic" way. He says he does this "because many types of art are far removed from the average person." He says, "Creating art with things people come in contact with in their daily lives closes that gap."

His idea for this piece came from what else, eating Cheetos. His fingers turned orange and created accidental marks on his clothing. Lightbulb!...fabric as a surface....lightbulb!...velvet paintings. And Elvis, the most famous incarnation of a velvet painting. Velvet Elvis or Velveeta Elvis? Kitschy, cheesy, likeable, lickable art.

If you have to have this... Limited Edition Prints by EclecticAsylum available now. Music "Rocking with Elvis" by Dean Vegas (Elvis Tribute Artist)

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