Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Waiting for the Paint to Dry

Well, there was a big step taken towards the opening of Susan's studio today. Room was made for the canvas storage and they came up from downstairs to claim their new home. A lot more needs to be done but even the casual observer would deduce that an artists studio is in the making here. While moving the network around to make way, I thought of where the creative juices have been going for her while the studio has been in limbo. Culinary creations and music. Now these arts are very shareable and that's what she does. A sample of her work here (and a Bunny's Bakery cake called Susan's Decadent Chocolate Ganache.) I must admit this is not one of my strong points although I was an enthusiastic helper. Obviously I contributed the coffee.

Susan has now joined a band and is at practise as I write this. I feel inspired enough to look at my guitar every other sentence as I recall the other evening listening to them jam and got a shot off in someone else's flash glare They are quite enjoyable and excellent to dance to. I can't say I've accompished much myself but I have been in a state of inspiration at least and there is the knowledge that I've been pretty good with the mundane. I'm hoping for some success next week when we go out west for more material.

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