Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Waterfalls 3

I'm still thinking through the Waterfalls. I've visited several times after discovering one of the best ways to see one of them is the Governors Island FREE ferry.

I've been thinking about the shapes the water makes and how hard it is to get a good photograph. Still, I keep on going seeing if each time something new unfolds.

Govenors Island is fun too. Lots to do, walking and picnicing, historic buildings and forts, a straight on view of the Statue of Liberty's face, occasional concerts and more art. And on Fridays the bike rentals are free.

Emergence by Figment transforms "Building 14" (c.1900) on Governors Island into an interactive, three-dimensional living exhibit, featuring contributions from more than 30 artists/art collectives working in a diverse range of media, including sculpture, installation art, aerial kinetic sculpture, photography, sound art, and interactive multimedia. Using the theme, "Creative Pioneers in Uncharted Territory," exhibitors will use the context, history, and recent steps towards revitalization, or "emergence," of Governors Island as the source of inspiration and departure for the creation of participatory art exploring the human condition.

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