Friday, April 3, 2009

On the road again...

Travelling without cell reception deep into the mountains, Really. Will be offline until next wednesday. In the meantime, here's a new movie — companion to my paintings in an odd sort of way. It has beautiful music by Conrad Cummings. That's one of the benefits of being an artist, while you always have doubts about your own work, you are never unsure about how wonderful and brilliant are the efforts of your friends. If you crave more of Conrad's music...

Michael's Snow — a film by Susan Shaw

Michael’s Snow is a reference to two very different kinds of seminal events in my life. The first has to with art experience. I saw Michael Snow’s Wavelength in 1967. In the film a camera zooms slowly—from the end of a room to a photograph of waves on the wall at the opposite end. The zoom is accompanied by a sine wave as it gradually progresses from its lowest note to its highest and passes through color filters, film stocks, positive and reverse exposure. I have never seen the film again but it has always remained with me—thus I know it was/is a seminal art experience.

The second has to do with sadness and loss, relational in proportion to the people I love. When I made this film I thought it was about snow, now I know it is about the winters of my heart.

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