Monday, February 15, 2010

Videos on Broadway Open Call

OPEN CALL Point us to your artistic videos to be considered for exhibition at the Videos on Broadway exhibition space. We are looking for artists, young or old, serious or funny, etcetera or etcetera.

Videos on Broadway is a new project created by Susan Shaw to showcase contemporary art video to a diverse audience in New York City. Videos on Broadway provides emerging artists an urban location and video monitors to showcase their video art. Using a glass front building on the famous street of Broadway, we will give both the artist and the public a unique and free experience to contemporary new media.

We will show new work by artists from around the world. Videos on Broadway will use film and video to reflect the artists personal interpretations of social, political, psychological and spiritual themes.

The video below was a proof of concept test. The viewers are watching a rough cut of Susan Shaw: Nightcar. It was freezing yet people still stopped to watch. How great is that? We are still putting together the funding to be able to this right i.e. including things like announcement cards but we are nowhere without you. Please point us in your direction. E, W, N, S...

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Anonymous said...

thats a great idea