Sunday, November 4, 2007


Blackpot Festival was everything one could hope for. Great music nonstop, incredible food in the cook-off, beautiful weather, friendly people and dancing, dancing, dancing.

We got to see old friends like, Mr. Don Montoucet, world's great Cajun triangle maker, musician and humorist and make some new ones like, Miss Renee Angelle, a young woman of poise and charm who is sweet and friendly and Miss Teen Etoufee.

I think the same quote I heard about the Chinese could be true for the Cajuns, "Cook everything but the squeal" --things we New Yorkers do not see--everything from alligator to squirrel to hog's head cheese--something I'd only read about.

I think the purpose of the blog is coming clearer to me -- a true visual diary. A repository to the photos that are not part of any serious artistic effort but are important none the less. Perhaps they are taking the place of what Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, calls "morning pages." I'd rather shoot than write.

This diary invites others too by way of sharing and comments. Today is dedicated to my friend, artist Jon Berge. I promised to post some photos of another artist friend, Stephanie Patton who lives down here in Louisiana. Here you go...

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