Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Trails to You

Kurt here. Yesterday was visit day as we said hellos and goodbyes before heading south. Preceeded by a swamp visit of course. Once again Bryan Champagne, master tour guide (use a french pronunciation and then give it a southern twist) came through and I believe our shots were quite improved since yesterday. Free of charge, we also picked up some local lingo such as "I could see your face from the back of your head".

The other day we got to witness something purely Louisiana: a trail ride party; seemingly hundreds of people on horseback riding along the highway. These rides seem to be somewhat segregated as we saw both a white and black event.

Along our travels we passed an orange grove and picked up some straight from the grove fruit. And as always we saw the unique style of house building (and state of decay) so predominant in this area which contrasted sharply with our drive at the end of the day when left the 50's and 60's for the year 2000+ of Baton Rouge.

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