Monday, November 19, 2007

Studio Dogs

Ah, the misery that is renovation. I have been running around trying to find storage for my old paintings. Grappling with the question of whether a curator might go to a cold and dreary labyrinth to ever look at work. The trouble with painting is that for the painter the work is the process and the "art" as the world knows it is just the byproduct, which requires storage and so on.

Makes you question why one does work at all. Especially since a new report, Investing in Creativity, has come out saying that 96% of all people value and are moved by art but only 27% think artists contribute to the good of society. Where do they think all that inspiring art comes from? I think we're going to need a lobby and some good PR and publicists.

My painting here is called Studio Dogs. It's one of those days...

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