Monday, November 5, 2007

Week in a Day

Yesterday was one of those travel days where disparate things, make a day feel like a week compressed. We started on Lake Martin photographing birds and gators with Bryan Champagne.

Had a cafe, des graton and boudin, went to a Jam at Tom and Lori's, went over to Jenerette to see Stephanie and the sugar cane fields and ended up eating vast amounts of shrimp and crab at the local.

We met Joel Breaux, a sculptor/architect who's building a sustainable house that as it is transformed by the weather, becomes a work echoing that transformation. Turns out he is also a fiddle player and turned up at the jam.
The distaff side of art was represented by Lori Henderson, a sculptor of bird and humanoid forms, and of course, Stephanie Patton, feminist sculptor/painter, who showed us some early works including the zany purses in the photo.

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