Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We're Back !

Flying Home

Well, back in New York, 6000+ pictures richer (hopefully). The downside being the monumental editing job ahead. Looks good for a new book, though. We are pretty much up to date archiving so we now have half a chance of finding what we want - now that's rich!
But the real richness was the experience that we treasure of music, atmosphere, friends and feast. We always find it hard to leave Louisiana. The catch up in daily things and work doesn't make it easier but we have the memories to keep us warm.

Keeping Warm

Here's Susan enjoying a November day at Grand Isle, the Gulf of Mexico at her back. We started off in Lafayette, meandering down along the bayous, meeting some characters and wound up in Grand Isle with a room facing the beach. We ate great food (particularly in New Orleans) and the mosquitoes ate us.
Now for the work; so we can go back.

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Swell Grey Heron!