Sunday, February 8, 2009

Art $$$ in a Down Economy

Several of you have responded to me personally on my blog post about art and commerce for which I thank you. These days I've been thinking a lot about money too. To that end I've been trying to educate myself as much as possible, so here a list of some places you should check out.

Internet for Artsts is one of the Creative Capital workshops that addresses the issue (among other valuable and relevant topics). Check for their workshops, not offered frequently but great. Some of the workshop leaders use the internet to raise money in different ways, as do other unconnected artists like Carter Kustera. Eve Mosher raises money via internet by contribution for her public art works; Steve Lambert sells art for the price painted on the front; some artists sell books of their works on specific topics like techniques and/or themes on Blurb; some sell limited editions of prints; Carter sells portraits through Jonathan Adler the designer and so on. I own a beautiful modern dollhouse designed by architect Peter Wheelwright and Laurie Simmons who designs lots of related things.

Also check for anything taught by Jackie Battenfield (she recently gave a FREE workshop as part of Queens Council on the Arts.) Check the CUE art foundation's professional development series, check out NYFA and each boroughs Cultural Council.

In addition, two thoughts to leave you with:
1. I bought Ed Rucha's self printed "Nine Swimming Pools and a Broken Glass" for $3 many years ago. It was a limited edition artist book. I enjoyed looking at it the years it was in my possession. It left my hands 2 years ago for $1200.
2. I'm checking this out in lots of ways myself. Here's your chance to get one of my very own limited edition artist books. If you buy one, I'll personally autograph it for you at one of my exhibitions, someone else's exhibition, a membership breakfast, etc. and who knows...

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