Friday, February 27, 2009

Learning to love yourself, or as we say in New York, "whats not to Love?"

Learn to Love You More is an artist project that I stumbled upon and fell in love with. It's a little late for Valentines Day but who can't use a little love?

Learning To Love You More is not only a website; it's also a series of exhibitions in museums, galleries, schools, senior citizens centers, radio shows and film festivals. The shows are comprised of work that they select from the web site.

Founded in 2002, artists Fletcher and July use their website to provide visitors with "assignments" and asks that participants post their responses online. Assignments range from the straightforward (#9: "Draw a constellation from someone's freckles") to the absurd (#1: "Make a child's outfit in an adult size...and wear it as much as possible"— see below!) to the heart-wrenching (#31: "Spend time with a dying person").

One family, the Olivers, posted a years worth of assignments on their own blog. I am currently doing Assignment #66 "field guide to your yard." It's taking me some time since my yard is Union Square but I'm feelin' the love.

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