Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sharpening Your Game

I'm always trying to add to my skill set. To that end I went to a Golden workshop at Roy Kinzer's studio to learn more about Golden's Mix More Media so I could see if it might work for me in the fusion of photography and painting. I also wanted to learn more about the new Golden Open Acrylics that have a extremely long drying time. It was a really informative and in the small group (small world) were three artists that I know, Norma Greenwood, Linda Stillman and Barbara Lubliner. I consider them to be good artists so it was not surprising to see them adding to their game. I also met a new friend, Deborah Gieringer, an artist who works in the archaic medium of silverpoint. And to cap off an intense and fun busman's holiday, Roy spent some time upon our request speaking about his own work with insights into the work he's preparing for exhibition this spring at Denise Bibro Fine Art. AND we were sent home with lots of goodies from Golden!

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