Saturday, February 7, 2009

Internet for Artists

I recently attended "Internet for Artists" at the Creative Capital foundation. It was a short intensive mind bending experience and it changed the way I thought about social media. It also targeted using a broad range of internet applications to achieve specific career goals. If you get the chance take this workshop!!! I learned as much as one might pick up in a year. The excellent presenters; Matthew Deleget, Eve Mosher, Sue Schaffner, Chris Doyle, Steve Lambert, Brad Lichtenstein and gracious hosts; Alyson Pou and Marcie Bramucci at Creative Capital, made this a wow.

On an amusing note, as sculptor Miriam Schaer pointed out, this workshop had all women attendees. She queried, "Does this have to do with not being afraid to ask directions?" I don't know if that's the case, to me it's all about working smart. When during a Twitter one-on-one, I glanced out the window and saw the view, I found a mantra for the weekend. You go girls!

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