Saturday, February 14, 2009

Instant Grants!

They raised $100 each.Together they had $1000 in cash. They gave it all away to artists in the park.

The generosity foundation FSNUA aims to re-inspire creative thinking and action in everyday people by removing small barriers and providing encouragement. They give small, unsecured grants in the form of $10-$60 for creative projects thought up on the spot by everyday people. In the past this has included a merchant marine, two 10 year old girls, a US soldier on leave from Iraq, an accordion player from Alaska, and around 40 others. They funded their new paintings, drawings, knitting, and photojournalism projects, and the repair of one accordion. Projects that might not have happened.

Beyond the small amount of money, the project encourages people to see themselves as something other than workers or consumers even if it just for the length of time required to apply for a FSNUA grant. We also hope to re-inspire dormant desires to create while presenting an example of generosity without an ulterior motive.The members of the federation each raise $100, pool the money, and give it away. The result is a beautiful, motivating, friendly experience.

Original info via Steve Lambert

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