Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Virtual Restoration

A lot of effort is being expended these days on the virtual restoration of artwork. Leading to new information about how the painter painted,what changes he/she might have made during the process and how the colors really looked, using contemporary pigments of the era. Interesting huh?

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Jean Penicaut @ Pascal Cotte said...

Thank you very much Sunsan & Kurt for your interest about Lumiere Technology. We are the founders of this private institute, and dream to change the study of History of Art by the multispectral digitization of paintings at 240 Million Pixels, and in 2010 more than 1,8 Billion... In each Pixel we obtain a spectrum and the measure of the pigments and bind used by the painter, from its genuine compositon until now, following in the visible and in the invisible the evolution of the restoration, with a possible projection in the future to simulate how this artwork could be restored, by the knowledge we collect from the painting and others paintings from the same period of the same painter.. A sort of quantum expertise.

Many Da Vinci's experts consider that our approach is a breaktrough technology for Art Historians..

So have a look on our images on line, and enjoy. Dont hesitate to visit us if you come in Paris.