Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lukewarm Comfort?

Continuing on with Andy Warhol. I'm sitting here looking at today's crop of rejections. As artist's we take lots of rejection. I know it's not personal—doesn't fit in with the curators concept, too big a work for the show and so on but it always has a little sting. For me, how big that sting depends on how that day is going.

Most artist's find comfort in their community. For myself, I find comfort in the letter I have hanging right next to my computer. It's a letter from the Museum of Modern Art explaining why it's not fair for them to accept a donated work from Andy because of "severely limited storage space" and because the "work may be shown only infrequently". Admittedly it was early in his career, but to me it's always worth a smile and a hope for the future.

Photo of Andy Warhol
Source: Santa Barbara Independent

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