Monday, February 23, 2009

Art = Labor = Value

Jon Berge has a theory that labor intensive art especially art with repetitive action has immediate perceived value. In the context of feminist art, it may be especially important, since womens home labor is often devalued by society. It made me start thinking about my own work especially in the context of the knitting I do for my family and friends. They are all dishcloths, potholders or wash cloths. Mini abstracts or bas reliefs in yarn. I have my appetite whetted since "Security Blanket," so expect to see some "high art" woven or knitted works here in the future—and much larger in scope. In the meantime, here's a guy who is creating his large scale works with a typewriter.

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I have been pursuing the idea of the value of labour intensive work for a few years now and focused on it for my MFA. Especially the labour of women that gets un-done so consistently, in fact the labour that has undoing as an actual part of its process of doing! I appreciate you remarks.