Sunday, February 22, 2009

What you crave! MORE ANDY TV! and Susan TV too!

Andy Warhol was fascinated by television as an ideal tool for artistic promotion, social promotion, for self-promotion.

It was his big dream to have his own television show. As early as 1964 he made an imitation soap opera, to which he added real "adverts". At the beginning of the 70s, he played around at producing telenovelas that were the reflection of his aesthetic and fantastical universe. In 1979 he put together programs to be aired on NYCable tv. Andy's team, including Vincent Fremont, Don Munroe and Sue Etkin, created Fashion, a talk show devoted to the fashion world, and was followed by Andy Warhol's TV, a Factory style reality-TV show, before producing the famous Andy Warhol's fifteen minutes. In '87, the TV broadcast of Warhol's funeral service became the final episode.

I recently bought a video camera to add "live" video to the blog. I also needed to capture the sensate impressions that I am building into my current paintings. Here's a tone poem using my own work with incredible music by Conrad Cummings:

If you like the video, please give me a rating on both my vids up at Youtube. To those in the know, I am chipping away at the name problem...
And of course, more ANDY tv!

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